Fashion Friday – 3 Days To White Edition

fash fri white

I’ve had a mad love affair with all things white from the time I was a little girl. I love wearing white! From Prom dresses (my first prom I wore an all lace solid white gown) to my graduation party outfit (a solid white strapless jumper) all the way to my wedding day.

But, I’m from the south and girls raised in the south (GRITS) follow some very strict rules when it comes to wearing white. We don’t play! Seasons are very important when choosing outfits and part of that choosing involves careful consideration of colors. White is a sacred cow amongst the southern fashionista. Nobody wears white all willy-nilly, ever.

Easter Sunday is kick-off day for wearing white shoes and more without fear of someone pointing their finger and whispering fashion no no’s in their sisters ears. I know, I know….white is way more popular and being worn year-round these days. However, I’m old and I stick to the foundational rules on things like this. So, if you’re brave enough to slip your toots into a pair of white shoes before Easter Sunday… all means, go ahead fashion diva! I promise, I won’t point.

Oh, who am I kidding….you are so going to be the topic of conversation when you get out of my sight. 🙂 Bless your heart!

Back to today’s Fashion Friday. How could I NOT post about white today? It’s back and it deserves some serious attention. So, let’s get started!

Can we just talk about white jeans? If you are someone who does not own a pair, sweet sassy….let me push you out the door to your car right now. Or just give you some choices to shop online. White jeans are life-changing! They boost your morale and your look like nothing else I know! I think they’re also stylish on just about every body type. As with any jean, it’s all about finding the best fit. So, try try and try as many pairs as it takes to find your style.

CJ by Cookie Johnson $98 at Zappos

white jean

I get it that not everyone likes to spend above $40 for jeans, but I have found that buying a designer brand gives you a whole lotta wear and a whole lotta fashion attitude. You’ll look amazing!

DKNY SoHo at Macy’s $49.99 on sale

1 white j

These are super cute and the sale price even cuter. Remember white jeans are versatile. You can wear them casually or dress them up with a comfy heel. Yes, there are comfy high heels. Search them out, don’t just skip the thought.

I love the brand Born and have a ton of their shoes. They are always my most comfortable shoes. When the new styles come out I usually splurge and buy them. TJ Maxx has Born at a crazy reduced price. Look at these cute darlins!

Leather Pamati Sandal at TJ Maxx $49.99

white borns

How about something a lot sassy like these White Snake Print High Heels?

white snake heel

Somewhere out there is a dress JUST for these shoes. Maybe you have it already or are looking for it. These are at TJ Maxx for $39.99 WOW!

Here’s a sweet little something something to go with those sleek shoes.

white sheath

Sharagano White Mesh at TJ Maxx for $24.99

White Keyhole Dress at TJ Maxx $19.99

white keyhole

I can think of so many ways to wear this simple keyhole dress. It can be worn out shopping, to dinner and even to church. For that price? It’s a must have item!

Jumpers are the thing this year but if you’re a little pudgy…finding one that doesn’t accent your muffin top/spare tire area might be tricky. However, if you are willing to try on a lot of different styles…you could be lucky enough to find one you love. This one is a little flashy but I love it.

Lovers + Friends Star Gazer Jumpsuit $139 at Revolve

white jumper

Remember my graduation party jumpsuit I told you about? I found this almost exact replica of it except I know my mother didn’t let me pay $126 or $179 for it. Besides, I wore Jelly shoes with it, duh!! Mine was probably less than $30 but it looked so cute! Just like this one.


Everybody needs a boyfriend blazer!!! And why not get one in white? I love wearing them with jeans, dressy pants and even shorts!

Blazer $25

White Boyfriend Ponte Rolled Sleeves Blazer

Don’t be intimidated by white! Take a leap of faith and buy a few pieces of white for your new spring wardrobe! You’ll look clean crisp and classy!

Happy Good Friday!

Remember, Sunday’s coming!

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