4 Things To Let Go Of, Now


Can we talk? I have some very important news. You don’t have to hold onto toxic junk any longer!

There. I said it.

Me, the most clingy crazy tox-a-holic person that I know.

What is it that stunts our growth as people or women? I’ll tell you what I think, it’s the toxic garbage that we believe about ourselves.

I’m not good enough.
I don’t look like her.
I missed the cool bus.
I’m fat/skinny/weird.
I have issues.
My body isn’t what it used to be.
I’m divorced.
I’ve failed as a mom.
My hair is too thin.
I missed my chance to do what I really wanted to do with my life.
I hate myself.
Someone told me _______!
I’ll never be _________!

Garbage. Throw it out! Don’t listen to the lies.

I’ve thought about this so many times, how I’ve been stuck in the molasses of my own doing because of the stuff swirling around in my hard head! I hate that! I hate that I’ve missed opportunities and I really hate that I’ve let lies stunt my growth and take hostage my JOY!

Here’s my 4 things to let go of right now and if you’ve been trapped in a bottle of your own. Take heart!

1 — THAT VOICE – YOU weren’t good enough.

Record over that voice. Replace it with a new message. One that comes straight from God’s own word. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You have always been good enough and shame on the one who told you otherwise!

2 — THAT FANTASY/DREAM – The one that REALLY IS impossible.

Make peace with that dream that didn’t come true. I’ve told you about my hubby going back to grad school?! He’s struggling already but HE IS DETERMINED! He wants it and he wants it bad. Not everyone gets the chance to go back to school and that’s OKAY!!! Don’t beat yourself up over whatever it is you “thought” you were supposed to do, anymore!


Forgive yourself. Don’t tell me you aren’t holding onto something that is crippling your life. I know you are, we all do it. Get over it. Love yourself enough to let your current life live in peace. God is the most gracious example of forgiveness. Copy-cat Him.


Stop it, I tell you….stop. it. You aren’t supposed to be like her or whoever it is you’re sizing yourself up against. Be the best you, it’s all you can do – so you might as well, RIGHT?

I challenge you…

Step back and examine your life. Is it perfect? Probably not. Is it manageable? Probably so. Can you improve it? I know you can. Let your mind be free from whatever it is that falls into the toxic junk category.

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