Got Time?

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It feels as if all we do anymore is hustle. We hurry to this and rush over to that. All in the name of busy. The sad part is that we oftentimes skip over a very important human need, free time.

I’m in a different season of my life these days and one of my greatest discoveries is all the free time I have on my hands. I love it. Well, most of the time I do. Some days I feel lonely or maybe even a little disengaged. That’s not to say that I want to go back to work full-time or fill my house up with little kids to haul around. I simply forget to plan or actively get up and do the stuff my new season allows me the pleasure of doing.

Time doesn’t stand still waiting for anyone, ever. I see that every time I look into a mirror. Maybe you do too. While I’m a firm believer in working your hardest at whatever it is that you do, I’m even more of a believer in stopping to smell the roses along the way as well.

The human body needs a break. It needs to recharge or refresh. If we don’t stop and take a moment here and there our bodies will rebel. Perhaps, you’ve experienced a set-back of some sort after chasing every little “do this do that” in your life. Or maybe you’ve got this all figured out and learned to make time to chill, whichever….I’ve come up with a profound list (no, not really) of ways to enjoy some free time.

me time

1. Take a nap.
Stop what you’re doing (within reason) and lay down for 10-15 minutes. This means, leave your cellphone alone too. Taking a quick cat-nap can reinvigorate your brain, body and soul. You might be surprised at all the noise in your head that is buzzing that you just couldn’t hear because you were so busy. Rest.

2. Read a book.
Even if you only have 20-30 minutes (mama’s of little ones, I hear you laughing). Make time for you by escaping to a far-away land inside a book. You need this, I promise.

3. Go for a walk.
Get outside, walk in the sunshine and let your mind wander. Enjoy this beautiful world. Be sure to listen too. There are some incredible sounds outside that only God could create for us to enjoy. Watch the birds, see how they play and don’t forget to pray. Walking is a great way to up your prayer life.

4. Draw, sew or journal.
Whatever it is that suits you. Do something that is NOT WORK. If you enjoy writing out your thoughts, get on it. If making a cute little something with your hands is your thing, do that. Trust me, doing something for pleasure is relaxing.

5. Garden, redecorate a room or jazz up your outdoors.
In this Pinterest & DIY crazy world, you can find a long list of ideas for doing something fun and rewarding right at home. Last year, I loved stepping outside for a fresh tomato for our salad or burgers. It was a constant reminder of the fruits of our “labor”.

6. Keep home sweet home — A real HOME SWEET HOME.
Home is where the heart is, right? Why not make sure it’s the place everyone in your family finds refuge!? Do whatever it takes to make it relaxing and comfy.

Every person needs free time. Whether you spend it doing something fun or totally zoning out in a quiet spot by your lonesome. Take the time to refuel YOU!

Let me know how you spend your FREE TIME. Remember, I’m looking to fill in my schedule. 🙂

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