5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Front Porch

I’ve been missing for a few days because my life has been consumed with HAIR! Monday it was Miss Lizzy’s day and Tuesday, mine. The glamour we have to contend with is literally indescribable.

I’ve told you I’m in Texas, right?

Both days, it has stormed! I’m talking the hardest, pouring down, can’t see the road in front of you, raining! Which means, I had to drive in that weather to get to said hair do-er people! There’s some things about the south that everyone should know — the highways or roads? They are old and worn out. They’re heavily traveled which only makes them more worn and dangerous. Holes, patched-up road and tire worn rivets make for very scary driving. You’ve probably heard of “hydroplaning”? Well, my two days of traveling this side of Texas have been full of rooster spraying hydroplaning moments.

No, I wasn’t speeding either!

But hey, Miss Lizzy and I look amazing! Our hairs are beautiful and we both got in some serious toning exercises driving through the big storms. Use your imagination, people.

Today the sun is still hiding and I just heard on the weather channel that the rain, will, continue!!! Curses!

However, that can’t stop us from talking about sprucing up our front porches. It’s time, the weather is just doing its part to wash away winter and bring out all the green and luscious colors for us to enjoy. More proof that God knows what we need, huh?

The first thing we need to do is WASH DOWN the porch. Scrub the grime away and all the salt and yuck that has built up over the last 6 months. Cleaning up the dirt and throwing out any broken or unused pots, chairs or whatever you let pile up on your porch will make an inspiring canvas to start your great spruce up. So, GO….WASH!!

clean porch

What I do — I take everything off my porch. Sweep down any spider webs or insect nests/bird nests (yes, the birds LOVE MY DANG PORCH!). Spray a household cleaner (you could use a pressure cleaner, if needed), brush away the grime with a broom or scrub brush and rinse heavily with the water-hose spray nozzle. Step back and notice the sparkle! 😉

The second thing? If anything needs painting, DO IT! I know, not everyone can pull the trigger on this….but if you’ve been wanting to paint that front door of yours, do it! Be brave. Maybe it’s not the door but the porch floor or the woodwork around it. Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy a color that is going to make you smile every time you pull in the driveway. Then go home and paint. You will feel like a SUPERSTAR for doing this. It’s empowering!

paint porch

The third and most important thing I do is pick out some pretty items that I know I will want around me on my porch for a few months. Plants, furniture….lighting. Even pillows for the chairs. On my current porch, I have a few walls that are perfect for decorations and I love changing out wall art depending on the season. No, there are no flamingos in my yard nor are there any concrete bunny rabbits. No trolls either! I keep it classy, y’all.

diy planter

porch sign

porch bench

Fourth, I choose a rug. Rugs can make it cozy. Pick something that matches the look you’re going for and don’t forget it needs to be weather proof to stand up the changing climate.


porch rug

Last, I haven’t done this but I’ve just recently passed a house that had and I FELL IN LOVE and almost wrecked my car oggling! Put up curtains! This is really for a specific type of porch and you just might have it. I don’t. Mine is a little too modern (for my taste). Plus, that HOA!!! Grrr. I don’t want to risk a chance of getting ANOTHER letter from them after they nailed me for having white lights on my sweet little innocent porch! However, if you have no HOA to fight….hang up some flowy curtains and make me jealous!

curtains on

curtain on

Aren’t these awesome? And look, there a million ways to hang them too.

curtains on porch

I can’t even get them out of my mind. One of these days…..

If you are like me and spend a lot of your time outside on your porch, make it your favorite spot. Sprucing up doesn’t have to cost a fortune or cause you to need to hire a handy-man. It’s an easy DIY that just about anyone can do all alone.

And, don’t forget to live by the PORCH RULES –>

porch rules

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