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your story

I’m smack dab in the middle of BigMama’s newest book, Nobody’s Cuter Than You and I have to tell you….it’s fantastic! If you’ve ever had a best friend (and I know you have) then you will laugh, cry and scream at all the stories she tells about her own sweet friendships. I left her a comment this morning that I’m purposefully setting it down every little while because I don’t want it to end.

Like a sweet friendship.

Her story could be mine or even yours. Each of us have weathered life long enough to experience real friends and fakes. We’ve been burned, broken up with and found deep forever friends somewhere along life’s path. It’s what we do with that stuff that makes us who we are as women and what kind of friends we will be to others that God sends our way.

not compete

This week, I was talking to my friend Deonne about finding forever friends. She mentioned how close she had become to a few of her younger cousins and that she had missed out on years of friendship with them because she was always the “quiet one”. Now, they are inseparable and she loves the relationship they share together. I thought about one of my very best friends (God sent my way, years ago) and how I almost missed her being in my life because I just wasn’t looking. Once I really noticed her, I have never let her go (Tabbi)!!!

Friends don’t always come in the packaging we are expecting.

For me, I’ve learned to NOT compete with or for friends. If I have to do any of that, they are probably not the friend that God has for me. I’ve also learned that MY STORY is important. It’s important for me to be willing to share it, grow from it and help someone else who can relate to it. Surprisingly, not everyone has a perfect life and not everyone has had perfect experiences. Honestly sharing what good can come from not-so-good situations can build some of the strongest friendships.

Don’t be afraid to be YOU. Ever.

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