Fashion Friday – Texas Edition

I feel I must confess, I’m shopping like a boss today. Dallas is my city destination and The Galleria Mall is one target spot as well as Highland Park Village. So, while you’re here browsing over my fashion post…. I am out there beating the streets like it’s MY DANG JOB!

You’re welcome!

My partner in crime for the day (Sandy) has a few goals set for our adventure: 1) Find a Dallas based Personal Shopper. (Uhh, for her. Not me) and 2) Locate a very special pair of 7 Jeans she’s been looking for.

I’m in it all for her, y’all. Hehe!

The state of Texas is unique. It’s full of wide open spaces, little one-horse towns and happening bustling cities. Honestly, the never-judge-a-book-by-its-cover motto must have come from Texas solely based on the kind of dives on the side of the road that turn out to be some of the best eating you’ll ever find AND THE PEOPLE! People in Texas are very unassuming. What may look like a dirty cowboy very likely might be a millionaire land owner. All I know is that I love it here and I try my best to soak up every bit of fun and friendly that I can when I visit.

So, what do Texans wear? Pretty much all the stuff you think they do, actually. Here, let me show you…

Luchesse Cowgirl Boots $155.60 at


Ryan Michael Denim Dress $107.20

denim d

Junk Gypsy Not All Who Wander Tee $28

tee sh

Miss Me Jeans $79.60


Turquoise Earrings $50

ear ring

See, I told you. They wear all the cute stuff you think they do. More reason for me to love the place. Now, if you’ll excuse me….I’m off doing Dallas right with my buddy!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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