Maybe your life is everything you dreamed it would be.

to live

Maybe it’s not.

I bet you’re like me and many other women who’ve dreamed big, yet experienced the unexpected.

While you were busy chasing your dreams, life happened. It stopped you in your tracks and knocked you around.


This morning I was perusing a coveted neighborhood here in the Dallas area (just out of curiosity, I’m not moving) and I stumbled upon the most amazing home. It instantly captured my heart and I drooled as I wandered through each room from my laptop screen. My hubby who was working close by had no idea that I had escaped to a world that I didn’t belong. I asked him with a giggle, “Honey, do we have THREE MILLION AND ONE HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS to spend right now?”

He said, “No!” and I snapped out of my fantasy and remembered that’s not who we are, gazillionaires. We’re Don & Wanda, parents to three young adults, owners of the 2 sweetest dogs in the world and gratefully, a part of the working class who actually have jobs and can afford to live a modest lifestyle.

A 3 million dollar house wasn’t necessarily on my dream list for my life. But, there were plenty of other things on it that I’d placed a high value on. Some of it might seem silly to you or someone else, that’s what makes the dream mine and not yours. Right? However, the unexpected moments of our life can change everything.

A divorce. I can’t recall ever meeting anyone that entered a marriage hoping for a big break-up in the future. Just about everyone steps into that dream with the hopes of a real happily ever after. When love falls short and relationships come apart, dreams are crushed.


Until you’ve had to start over and learn how to do life without the person you’ve pledged your heart to….remember to love on the divorced woman. Many are souled out, devoted mama’s who are left to hot glue the pieces back for their children.

That’s a picture of life unexpected.

A death. I was listening to a beautiful song today at the suggestion of my daughter. The words were personal to the writer and full of emotion as he sang of letting someone go. Our lives here on earth are so fleeting, yet we live as if we’re dying most days. We don’t pursue life with joy, we hum-drum our way through many of our days and miss out on living life to the fullest.

Death doesn’t ask if we’re ready.

the past

I have good news for you and me. The unexpected isn’t always bad.

What we scribble on our hearts and watch life erase doesn’t always have to mean the end. Oftentimes, it’s only the beginning. God has transformed so many of my own painful moments into victories during my life and I’m convinced that my unexpected was never a surprise to Him. He knew it was coming and He stepped in on my behalf….

Because, He loved me. And, He loves you. Your unexpected is not news to Him. He is well aware of all your crushed dreams and I believe, He has something even better in store. So, brush yourself off friend and get ready.

Expect…the unexpected.


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