Peeking Through the Window

I’ve got it bad for old windows! Everywhere I look, someone is posting another fancy way of incorporating them into their home decor. I don’t even know what it is that pulls me in and captures me. I just know that I’m in love and you can’t trick the heart into forgetting something it loves so easily.

Therefore, I swoon and pine for anything window related.

window 1

Last summer, I wandered over to my neighbor’s yard sale pile and noticed he had 2 old rustic windows laying on the ground for sale. He could’ve charged me $50, that’s how much I wanted those old suckers. However, he was moving and seriously getting rid of everything clogging up their garage. He said, “Oh, you can have them!” to which I said, “NO WAY!” So, I paid him $5 each and ran off with them back to my house. Then, I remembered….I’d seen those windows before, somewhere.

my porch windows

When I was house shopping and found our home online, this was a picture of our front porch. The owner of my house either sold or gave them to my neighbor when she moved. Hence, my windows….were back home. As in, MINE ALL MINE DUDES!

I’ve since moved them around inside my house for decoration reasons and I love them everywhere they’ve sat.

window porch

Here is where the wheels come off (inside my window lovin’ heart). As soon as I can get my hands on a fresh pile of old windows…..I will have my hubby creating this dreamy porch divider on my front porch.

Y’all, the love. Oh, the love I feel for that pretty junky window beauty! Ka-thump ka-thump, goes my porch addict heart.


window porch love

For the entire year plus that I’ve lived in my house….I’ve debated over and over in my head just what I could do to my stairwell wall. It is plain and boring! This is inspiring me to do something special with my wall and including old window frames. Stay tuned.

Look at this!!!! OMG OMG OMG!! I can’t even hide my giddy love for this look. Maps make me crazy, I love them!!! Marrying them with an old window? Double crazy!

window 2


window 3

windows wind

Make it stop!!! Now I can’t wait to get back home.

What’s your weakness? Old stuff? New? Modern? Vintage? Shabby chic? Rustic? Whatever it is, buy yourself something soon and change your whole attitude. Home is where the heart is, right?

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