A Day in Texas


Ever wonder what I do while I’m in Texas? Besides shop, get mine and Miss Lizzy’s hair done? It’s all really glamorous, actually. I can pretty much fill my day with a whole lot of nothing or I can get out and get busy while trucking all over northern Texas. I learned a long time ago to make the best of whatever my situation might be and my long weeks in Texas are no exception.

Every single day at any particular moment, these guys wander up to the house. Sometimes they are just munching on by and other times they are moving from one pasture to another.


They walk right up to the porch steps and so I try to keep a look out for that when I let my dogs out to potty. Miss Lizzy is the queen of cow arguing. If she sees them, she tells them off. They pretty much look at her like she’s crazy. Which….. is truth.


Sometimes, these beauties come running by like a scene out of a dramatic movie.


They like their life okay. I mean, they are the bosses of the cows, so there’s that. They get a little hot-shoddy sometimes and take off chasing the cows to another pasture. Talk about bossy!


Gracie runs this place, at least that’s what she thinks. She patrols the porches and keeps an eye on all the land that her dog eyes can see. She knows when someone is coming and kicks in to bark-your-head off mode. It’s funny for the first 5 minutes!


She lives the life!


Lizzy gets in a little porch managing as well.


She even sneaks in a few winks when time allows.


I climb up on whatever I can to get the best hummingbird pics. Yes, my life really is this glamorous. This same wooden bench is the one I busted my knee on while I was chasing wasps to spray. I should’ve looked down. I still have the boo-boo to prove it.


This guy does more than make IT magic. He climbs up on the roof to patch leaks and he climbs under the house to work on a/c vents after the skunks invade and wreak havoc. He’s more than just an IT stud, y’all!

But my favorite thing about him? Is this ——>

When he pulls on his boots and gets lost in thought before UNTUCKING his pants. He is my favorite c o w b o y! Just look, he’s so darned cute!


Some moments are just meant to be spent relaxing. I don’t want to mislead anyone and make you think I leisurely hang out in the nail salons. I don’t. However, there are days…


The only bad part of getting a great pedi is NOT having my best girls with me. Guess I’ll suffer alone.


Sometimes, the power goes out on the ranch. When that happens and it’s time for The Voice, I head to the lodge to watch. It’s really exciting being here in Sulphur Springs with Hannah Kirby still going strong on Team Blake! The whole town is proud of her!


Downtown on the square, the community gathers around and watches The Voice broadcast on big screens. I can’t help but join in with cheering her on.


I love Texas. It’s my kind of place. What’s a day like in your town?

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