Ode to the Shirtless

I can’t even believe I’m admitting this…. Me, the fashion serious. I’ve been in Texas for nearly 3 weeks and I’ve had limited shirts to wear.

As in, 2 white shirts….1 gray slouchy blouse (which I bought on the trip down), a black tunic top and a variety of work-out tee’s that only NONE of which fit!


I don’t know how I even got here. Who am I? I packed a suitcase full of clothes and even had a pile of hanging clothes. Still, every time I’ve gone to get dressed for the day….not a single cute shirt to wear.

I packed a few dresses (it’s been weirdly cold here), a couple pairs of jeans, shorts….and 2 bras. It’s like I wasn’t even there when the suitcases were packed.

Good news, though. I’m heading home TODAY!

First on my agenda?

Put on a cute shirt and act like none of the past 2-3 weeks ever happened.

ruin it

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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