On My Way, Really


I wish it were that easy. Oh, who am I kidding, it is that easy! Unless you’re stuck sitting in a hotel waiting for your hubby to get ANOTHER TIRE repaired on the vehicle that keeps on giving (flat tire after flat tire).

I know. It’s like I’m making this stuff up.

We didn’t leave Texas until 2:30pm yesterday to start with and the drive back to Indy is a looooong one. Since we’re still young enough to be foolish and drive all night, we felt confident in our decision to drive until we felt like we couldn’t any more.

Or, until that dinging little tire gauge light popped back up on the dashboard.

If you are wondering….

Two Saturday’s ago, we had 2 big fat flat tires out in the boondocks and had to call a tow truck to come get the car and a friend (THANK YOU NORMA) to come get us.

The tire store “repaired” both tires and we picked it up on Monday. By the next Saturday (there’s something about Saturday evenings) we were going to town for dinner and one of the previously repaired tires is leaking. Leaking big time. We make it to a Walmart where the tire guys tell us that the other tire store did not repair them correctly but that they would.

Yea, we believed them. And paid them. This is two repairs now.

Not 2 days later, one of the tires was flat – again. We are now on the 3rd day of tire woes. Are you still here? I hold no hostages, you’re free to leave. I totally understand.

This time I PUT MY MEAN WIFE FOOT DOWN! No more patching these bleeping tires! Either they get replaced so we can drive a thousand hard miles back to Indy or I’m renting a different car to drive.

I take it to another (this is the 3rd tire place) and here the kind gentlemen suggest I replace both tires and they do it for a sweet $350. I should mention, this car is not my hubby’s normal vehicle. It’s another company car and it just so happens the lease is up T O D A Y !!!!

Except, we are broken down in Marian, Illinois with yet another flat tire. This time on the front passenger side.

See? I told you….it’s like I’m making this stuff up.

Good news, we are only about 4-5 hours away from home. Soon….home sweet home.

Happy Friday eve, wherever you are. Side of the road, cuddled on your couch, hard at work….wherever. Friday’s coming.

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