Man, I’m a Mess

I’m a dreamer. I like to imagine life in the best of circumstances (even when trouble comes). Difficulties, failures, accidents, mistakes and tragedies all beckon for attention, but good stuff happens too. Joys, victories, celebrations and achievements wash over me like a flood of goodness when I least expect it. What makes me happy may not make you happy. What satisfies your soul may never satisfy mine but for each of us, we hold the same basic need – to know we are loved & valued.

For me, God provides just that. He also chooses to use the people in my life to validate me and blanket me with the love I need.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes during my life; I’ve fallen short, given up too soon, looked the other way when I should’ve confronted straight on, sucked up when I should’ve walked away, hurt when I should’ve loved, spoken out of anger, misled when I should’ve been totally honest, twisted the situation to fit my need, lashed out when I should’ve SHUT THE HECK UP, held on to unforgiveness when I should’ve given grace, made misery where peace was needed most, hated when I should’ve loved and believed I was right when I was very wrong.

And, oh there’s more. I’ve been a complete boob during my life. I’ve been a full-on sinner and sadly will continue to be because I live in a sin-riddled body and in a sin-filled world. But, I am forgiven and loved by a Holy and blameless God. I have a hope and a promise that no matter what….God will continue love me.

Man, I’m a mess.

Believing in Christ, gives me hope. Trusting Him with my heart allows me the freedom to live my life with the understanding that He knows my faults and still HE LOVES ME anyway!

in christ

He loves you too, in spite of your faults. Being a Christian isn’t about having your act together or being perfect. If anything, it’s the total opposite. It’s recognizing that because you’re not perfect, God loved you enough to give His only son to redeem you.

The rest is up to you (me).

We can either stay a mess or learn to bless.

Remember that this week when someone you love hurts you. Or the line is too long at the store and you want to be rude. Or your car has 3 flat tires. Or you lose your cool. Or someone directly sins against you. Or you fall flat on your face in sin.

be a woman

I’m a mess and YOU love me anyway. Help me to bless others, help me to love them even when they are unlovable. And help them to love me when I’m the one who needs it most.

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