May Day

may 4

So, Monday. It’s here whether any of us are ready for it or not. I had a great weekend! My girls were here to visit, my hubby (who is a SUPERHERO) was able to fix Ally’s car!!! WooHoo! We switched over to Dish for cable and we (I use the “we” very loosely) transformed our yard into a beautiful vision with just a few new flowers and some foliage relocating.

My hubby is killer awesome!

He did try to do me in on Sunday though by cutting into our internet cable. I didn’t say he was perfect! Just awesome! Which in my book is just one step below perfect. He sort of had it coming. He’s had every important line in his work world cut multiple times by co-workers and even the boss a few times. Nothing slows down IT production like cut cables. So, it was only right that he finally do it to himself. He was pretty frustrated with HIMSELF since he was the one holding the shovel.

He didn’t think it was very funny when I said, “Great, now how is Lizzy (our dog) going to snap-chat with her friends tonight?!!”.

I guess he wasn’t in the mood for a “joke” after having to call the cable company to come out and repair his mistake.

Alas, the weekend was still a success!

It’s finals week for both of our girls. They’ve run the race and are almost to the finish line (for the semester). It’s a great feeling to accomplish something important, isn’t it?

Here’s to a great week, friends! Can you believe it’s MAY??

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