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Life is full of big moments.

It also comes with built in low points. It’s just the way it is here on earth.

I’ve just finished a great book. It’s a story about the author’s grandmother, Maude. It popped up on my Facebook feed for a whopping .99 cents over the weekend and I grabbed it. I didn’t know the author and I really don’t usually choose this sort of book. However, the story captivated me and held me hostage until the last word was read.

I loved it!

Maude’s story opened up a whole boatload of emotions inside my heart. I loved her innocence and her honesty. She didn’t have a great life but she made the best of it as she could. Her story is not unlike many women of her day. Marriages were arranged or taken on as a duty. For her, it worked out wonderfully until tragedy struck. I don’t want to tell you any details in case you want to read it for yourself. But, her life takes some turns that will remind you just how good your own life is.

The decisions you and I make hold tremendous power over our forever lives. The people we choose to let into our lives can either ruin it or enhance it. For me, I thank God for the steps I made while young and naive. Not all of them were the wisest….but the man I chose, the kids God gave me and the family dynamic (not always perfect either) helped to give me a life full of love and joy.

the moment

Forever is a long time when it comes to living with a choice you’ve made. Maude lived to be a very old woman and one of the things missing from her life was love. She didn’t feel the love that she always longed for from the people in her life. I tried to imagine feeling like that and luckily for me, I couldn’t.

God has covered me with His love, my family’s love and even love from strangers. No time in my life have I ever wondered if anyone loved me.


What decisions are you facing that hold a giant piece of your future at stake? Are you praying for direction from God? There’s always a chance to flub it up, don’t make a lifetime decision without Him.

PS-If you’re interested in reading Maude’s story, it’s still on sale for Kindle today at .99 cents.

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