Gnawing on Humble Pie

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be more bent out of shape, if I tried. It’s all because of this weekend’s YARD SALE! My neighborhood hosts one of the area’s biggest yard sales every June and I naively committed myself to joining in.

Because, we have so much clutter and junk piled!


I’ve been telling my hubby, the guy who literally has to move stack after stack of junk to get to his tools, saws and other important items – that WE’RE GOING TO SELL ALL THIS EXTRA PILED UP JUNK AT THE GARAGE SALE IN JUNE!

I can’t very well let him call me a liar, can I?

Last night he banged out a large impromptu table out of some $5 particle board that we hauled home on the roof of his jeep. All with the understanding that I was going to get down on some yard sale setting up this morning!

I lied.


I’ve done just about everything else a person can do besides dragging boxes and items downstairs to the sale table. I woke with a sudden urge to organize and “do” all sorts of mundane house jobs, you know….anything to distract myself from my real responsibilities today.


I’ve been thinking about all the work ahead today and I guess it’s fair to say that yard sales are humbling. Really, they are. You hold onto items that are valuable to you (or some other sap sucker in your life) and you watch out for them, don’t let them get damaged or destroyed and then after all that you realize, YOU DON’T NEED THEM and throw them into a garage sale to GIVE AWAY to some swindling garage sale officianado.

They are real, ya’ll. Not lying.

Here comes the part where I admit yard selling is humbling. You look over your lovely items, some of them things that you paid HIGH DOLLARS for and you start to get real business-like. You think, that’s worth at least $5 and this is surely worth $2. But, no. No, no, no!

People are going to scoff at every single price on every single item.

If you mark a pair of Nike’s (and I have several of those to add to my sale table) for $2 someone is absolutely going to pick them up, turn them and look them over (they are in perfect condish), see them for the nice shoes they are, they will probably even imagine them on their dusty little feet and then they’ll look at you and say, “Will you take .50 cents?”


Yard sales are one of the most exhausting jobs ever. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

Perhaps, that’s why I’m still sitting here in my pj’s with my sheets in the wash and piles of stuff to put away bumped to the front of my To-Do list.

Forgive me for the clutter. The kind in my house and the kind in my heart. You are a perfect example of keeping life simple. Help me to focus more on the important stuff in life.

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