Don’t Shut That Door (Do something nice, edition)

I live with an arteest. It’s true! Look, he made that trellis for me out of limbs from our overgrown trees out back. I showed him a picture and he went to work, designing and throwing supplies around like Edward Scissorhands working on a masterpiece.


It’s even better than the photo I showed him on Pinterest.

During my yard sale (no, I didn’t make any money) I met a lady who lives down the street who admired some of the items around my yard. I told her my hubby had made the trellis and she was impressed.

So, I volunteered him to make her one.

Oh, he doesn’t mind. He loves doing it. He’s an arteest, remember?


He got busy later that day.


He trimmed limbs, organized his items and began the madness of putting together his masterpiece.


He bent, he shaped, he twisted, he nailed, he tied…..he stood back and looked it over.


He turned those twiggy limbs into a tall gorgeous trellis, so, I moved it over to the edge of the garage to take a photo in better light. Only I ran inside to deal with the kitchen clean-up and before I could get back outside to take the picture…..

He pushed the garage door closed.


And his lovely creation, was smashed. Smashed beyond repair.

All that work, gone. In a flash. It was one of those walk away moments. Just walk away. Move on.

The next day, he went back to his craft and made another one and no one touched it but him. So, it’s still alive and ready to go to its new owner!!

Think she’ll like it?


Two Lessons:

Don’t move anything your husband is working on without his permission.

Don’t volunteer him (unless you’re absolutely sure) for any projects that involve his blood sweat and tears.

He’s not mad at me for either, by the way. He really does love doing it. Do something nice for someone today.

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