Obey the Law, Kids

Victim victim victim.


Victim is the new title for anyone who bucks the system (fights police or disobeys them) and gets treated like criminals.

And has it all captured on video. God bless Youtube.

Who in their right mind finds it acceptable to disobey what a police officer tells you to do? How can it be okay for a person to run from a policeman and behave like a hooligan after he specifically told the person to SIT DOWN?

I’ve purposefully NOT watched the McKinney Texas pool party video. I mean, why? Why watch what can clearly be viewed as a chaotic and unruly scene? The world will always be divided and see what they want to see when viewing such disgusting behavior. The police will be portrayed as bad guys while whatever behavior going on to get the police involved…will be excused.

I wasn’t there, I’m not interested in seeing the footage (I have watched snippets) and I’m not going to defend or condemn either team. However, it should be said (AGAIN AND AGAIN)… If you are ever in a situation that involves a police officer, DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD!


In this world, we have no choice but to teach our children to respect authority. All authority — Schools, adults, police, bosses, elderly and more. We aren’t helping our kids in any way when we tell them they are victims of whatever issue we disagree with. Teaching this common courtesy can protect your children and others from a world of harm or even a misunderstanding. There are enough videos out there to show poor or outrageous behavior on both parts (criminal & law enforcement). Don’t give your kid the idea that fighting the police is the right thing to do, ever. It’s not, no matter your skin color or class status.


Listen, if you are a believer. You owe your children the privilege of understanding authority and obeying that authority. For those of us who seek to follow God and live according to His standard for life…..the greatest lesson (aside from grace & forgiveness offered by God) is His ultimate authority over our lives.
It would be very hard for us to expect our children to obey God (someone that they CANNOT SEE with their eyes) if they cannot obey authority here on earth (the people they can visually see and hear every day).

It’s your job, Mom & Dad. Don’t miss this one. It’s big.

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