Darn My High Fallutin Taste

It’s only money, right?

money save

By my calculations, it’s only going to take a couple thousand dollhairs for me to finish up my room like I want it. As in, my master bedroom oasis!

Darn my taste!

We’ve been waiting all year to “get to” the floor. Thanks to multiple replacements downstairs, priorities have intervened. The carpeting upstairs is blocking me from complete happiness (yea, that’s a bit dramatic) and until that yucky stuff is g o n e, I will feel the weight of its disgusting horror hanging over me.

Can you tell, I loathe carpeting? Pee-yew!!

The good news though is that we can probably do our room for less than $500. I can dig that!


Since we hung up the new curtains last weekend along with the faux wood blinds, the floors have been screaming for the big clean up. Carpeting is atrocious. I hate that it never gets totally clean. If you have pets, oh boy….even good pets have accidents and it is FOREVER there. Trust me, it never goes away. Go ahead, send me all your great floor tips. I’ll take em!

smocked curtains

Thank you – Pottery Barn, love them!!! On sale too! I really love that.

Now, for the dreamiest splurges I can come up with to finish my bedroom. Two things that have my heart going all pitter-patter.

anthro bedding

Oh Anthropologie! You wicked lust causer! I have drooled over this bedding for a few years. Will they EVER put it on sale? I’m a sale girl. I buy everything on sale. C’mon dudes!

This is a little much, don’t you think? I love it!

And because I cannot sweat enough WITH a ceiling fan blowing every night….I have this burning heart desire to rip it down and replace it with a chandy!


Every time I open my eyes and look up (from my bed), I ask the Lord….can I really live without a ceiling fan?

This thing is gorgeous! At Menards, for $699. Hot, too hot to touch. Not sure I can justify it and sweat at the same time.

bed bench

I need one of these for the end of my bed. Lizzy would appreciate a jump spot for naps.

And I haven’t even mentioned I need a new slipper chair. Yes, I said need! It’s perhaps optional. I haven’t decided yet. All I know is that I need around $1800 to wrap this up like a present.

But, hey….I can wait. Or baby step. It should be completely finished by the time I sell and move.

Wonk wonk!

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