Excuse Slaying

write joan

I’ve bamboozled myself all morning by running down every rabbit hole I could find. That’s what you (I) do when avoiding something important.

I met a writer last night.

God has a way of throwing big hints at me (uh, hello….HE IS GOD, right?) and I, in my very twisted OVER-THINKING personality, talk myself into a tizzy of “that’s not what that was!” just to keep my dream locked up in a box. Nice and safe. No risk involved. But misery. Twisted mind-boggling misery for my brain.

I want to write. Really, I want to.

Fear is my biggest obstacle.

Recently, I was deep in thought about what it is that’s holding me back (besides fear) and I realized, all my excuses….the ones I’ve repeated and tweaked over & over to everyone whose ever encouraged me, are just that, excuses.

Excuses place a person in a frozen position. I’ve been frozen so long that I might even have a little freezer burn.

I have to push on. I have to stop looking at Electra bikes online (I have one and I’m not shopping for another), I have to turn off Pandora (that opens my mouth to sing and shuts down my thought process), I have to quit eating a sunny-side egg each morning (you don’t need to know why) and I must write down words.

I am a writer.

Hear me type.

write it

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