Lemonade Maker

robin williams

Happy Monday, friends.

I couldn’t sleep last night. My misery-o-meter is off the charts. So, I’m taking the lemons of exhaustion and making lemonade today. You’re welcome.

I had a Starbucks Frappucino (that tasted terrible, by the way) at around 5:00pm and that’s what I’m blaming my toss’n & turn’n on. Cause, I’m a blamer. Go on, hate! I’m making lemonade anyway.


Some days are just a little more challenging than others, right?

Looking back over the weekend, I admit…some important stuff got taken care of around our house. New curtains in our bedroom and fancy faux wood blinds too, all hung like we live in a completely finished house (like other people do). What? Projects hang over your head too? Good, because I hate feeling sorry for myself over unfinished jobs. Now, I can just tell myself that everyone has “junk” to do.

life ins

I also had to work on life insurance paperwork. Isn’t that special? It’s always fun to face your biggest fear. I mean, really. Who likes thinking about losing their most cherished human? Not me and probably not you. But in the world of being a grown up, life insurance is a very important issue. Anyway, I filled it out and prayed over it that I would never need it and that my kids wouldn’t blow it (if both hubby and I kicked it) on fast food and fast cars. God love them.

star wars

I love being different from my hubby. Even when it comes to things we like and dislike. Over the weekend, we stopped at the donut shop and ordered lunch after picking out a few donuts. For 26 years, my hubby has ordered his food SANS THE CHEESE. I would bet that of all those orders, more than half of them arrived with cheese proudly stacked onto the food.

What is it about that – makes it so difficult to get right? NO CHEESE. NO CHEESE. NO CHEESE.

And, no…..I’ve never watched Star Wars and yes, my hubby still looks at me like that. I’m not normal. I know already.


Did you hear the news today about the 2 shark attacks in North Carolina? Uhh, yea. This fear….is real! Remember, I’m from the JAWS era. I watched it over & over and still flipped out getting in the swimming pool.

Never mind about that beach vacay, babe. I’m good.

Besides, sharks in North Carolina and flesh eating something or another in Florida. No thanks, I’m willing to sit it out.


Enough about me. How’s your Monday? Are you taking the tiger by the tail? I hope so.

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