Get in the Picture

This post is for you, Mom. Assuming you are a mom here reading today. Hopefully, I can catch you before too much time speeds by. If not, start what I’m about to tell you NOW.

Get in the picture.

fathers day 1

I know what you’re thinking –> I do…..every once in a while. It just feels weird. Or self indulging, maybe even a little Ooooo, look at me, right?

Get over it.

This weekend, as we all celebrated fathers… were snapped by the boatloads. Which is the way it should be, however, fathers day or not…most women are usually the missing person in all the family photos. I’m not talking about the SELFIE crazed gals. They’re getting theirs. They’re making sure. I’m talking about the moms who are busy snapping away all the memories of their kids.

I’m 48 years old. I’ve been married for almost 26 years. I have taken a bajillion photos of my kids, my kids with their dad, my kids playing, my kids asleep in the car, my kids on vacation….I’m not normally in any of them.

So, I asked myself. “What photo will they pull out to brag about when I’m gone?”

My youthful figure has split. My young wrinkle-free face is now aged and worn. My many styles, hair-do’s, stages of life have zipped on past and not much of it can be found documented for eternity. Why did I not get in front of the camera more?

My hope for you is that you’ll step out there and get in the picture, literally. Don’t be silly and feel awkward. Your family will have so many beautiful memories of you all throughout your life. Not just before and afters.

Get it.

Now, go. Slip into the next shot. The people you love most will be glad you did.

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