Weird Shoes

Can we be honest? Sorry if I step on some toes. Ha! Pun intended.

Weird shoes are just grody!

weird shoes 3

If you search “weird shoes” on Pinterest, look out. The crazy style trends will blow your dang mind. Not in a good way either.

Unless, stuff like that is your thing.

weird shoes 2

Which brings me to the WHY? Why are people wearing shoes like this?

weird shoes 1

I have no words.

weird shoes 4

Here’s where I lay it out there, I loathe the skanky look of platform hooker heels. Who thought this was a classy design? Sorry, girls who love these clowny looking dudes. Ladies, you don’t look sexy. You look awkward and even slutty. There, I said it.

weird shoe p

Does anyone else remember those strange Bratz dolls? They had the wacky GIGANTIC shoes? That’s what I’m reminded of when I see women/girls clomping around (always standing with normal shoe wearing people) in these odd “high heels”.

weird shoe

Freak show. No one is taking this seriously, are they? The look?

weird shoes 5

And…while we’re talking hot fads, please say NO to gladiator sandals. No one is pulling off the lace up the leg look. Unless you are named Gisele. Gisele can do it. Not you, not me and not your friend.

weird shoes 6

Honestly, how can these feel comfy? Blech! It’s like, trying to be sexy and direct the eye of every onlooker right at your legs. Unless you have FANTASTIC legs and those are hard to come by, obviously. You’re not going to want everyone oogling your odd or out of shape legs.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not lumping the whole world into a one size fits all category. I get it, some people can wear certain things. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean…they SHOULD wear them.

Many factors go into dressing our bodies every single day. Weird shoes, not cool. I’m all for something cute and sassy, I’m not a total fuddy-dud! Age appropriate, classiness and even comfort all play a giant role in the look each of us should consider.

Don’t fall into a fad. Stick to what’s classic. Trust me, I know stuff. Weird shoes are a fashion No-no!

Oh my word! I have to tell you what I just watched on the news as I was about to click publish. A warning to people wearing SKINNY JEANS!!!

The segment focused on people who wear skinny jeans for long periods of time. A woman was hospitalized due to the effects of numb feet and other “injuries” caused by the tight jeans. Haha. Oh wow! So, there’s that. You’re welcome fashionista’s!!

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