DIY Coffee Creamer

Guess WHO forgot to buy coffee creamer at the store yesterday? Yep, me. I remembered it late last night as I was falling asleep. Don’t ya hate that?

I woke up to the garbage trucks growling through the neighborhood and rain trickling down, so I nixed making a store run in order to have my one cup of coffee.


Old habits die hard, ya know. I headed straight to the coffee pot and clicked it on….knowing I had nothing to put in it. I may be a “coffee” drinker but I’m a total fake coffee drinker. I like my coffee to taste like a treat or dessert. None of that black gold for me. Matter of fact, I’m such a coffee wimp that I only use light roasts such as breakfast blends or blonde….veranda. I’m a total lightweight.

However, I do still drink a cup EVERY SINGLE MORNING and when that doesn’t happen….I get a pounding headache around 1:30 in the afternoon. Just in time to remind myself that I didn’t have any coffee and it’s 4 hours way too late to sip one down now.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep until at least 3am if I tried an afternoon cup of joe!

So, my dilemma. No creamer. I remembered seeing DIY creamer recipes all over the Inet. In my desperation and the fact that I’m still in my nightgown, I decided to give it a try. What could it hurt? Plus, I’d at least get my one little cup of coffee in this morning.


Success! I love it! It’s easy, made with stuff I had in my pantry and even tastes a little less processed (if that’s possible).

Vanilla Creamer (copy cat)

1 can low fat sweetened condensed milk (I didn’t have low fat)
1 1/2 C. whole milk (you can probably use your fave 2% or whatever)
1 T. Vanilla

Mix in the blender (condensed milk is thick) and store in a mason jar or whatever you have that’s shakeable and perfect in your eyes. Be ready to get your mind blown!

So good! Happy Friday eve, friends.

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