50 Years Together

I bet if I asked them, how did 50 years fly by so fast? My mother & father-in-law would say….it didn’t. We lived it, every day…in & out with intention and purpose, full of love and forgiveness and blanketed with precious memories at least a mile long.

June 28, 1965 in Tampa, Florida two young (they were in their 20’s) love struck dreamers tied the knot forever. I bet they didn’t imagine celebrating this milestone anniversary (so soon) but here it is, 50 years!


I’ve only been around the last 26 or so of those 50 happy years but in that time, I’ve observed a lot. I’ve learned a lot. My in-laws do a great job of living out loud for God and they set a wonderful example of how to love one another. I had no clue how I was going to stick with my marriage for the long haul, seeing their commitment to each other and to their family has helped me hold tight to my own marriage.

They are leaving a great legacy.

What is it that binds a love like theirs for so long? Is it goodness, maybe. They’re both pretty good people, they’d be the first to admit they’re not perfect. Is it forgiveness? Could be. They’ve done a good job of getting over infractions and moving forward with a clean slate. Is it stubbornness? Perhaps a little. A marriage worth having is always worth fighting for, right? Is it mercy? You betcha! Relationships have no chance without it. Is it true love? Of course. What the world wants to tear apart, my in-laws know….that God wants to hold together!

Because of their love for HIM, they’ve been free to love and cherish one another. And I’m so glad that they’ve done both for the last 50 years!



You are loved by your children and grandchildren. Thank you for such a Godly example of love and commitment. I love you both!



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