Constitutional Right Doesn’t Equal Divine Right


The world is divided right now. More so than usual, honestly. The reaction to what has happened because of a small majority has opened the floodgates of frustration and anger. No matter what I say here, it isn’t going to change a single thing.

Only God can change what is or isn’t.


Over the past few days, I’ve read post after post, article after article….side against side remarks – nothing has changed. People are still either celebrating or broken in two. Slinging around words such as hate or bigot just fuel the hurt.


After reading posts from many (who claim Christ as their Savior) crying out about all the hate, I had to ask – Who is spewing hate? Voicing your sadness or disbelief of such a decision isn’t hate or hate-filled. Have we come to such a place that disagreeing equals hate?

I speak for me.

I don’t hate any person who thinks differently or lives a lifestyle unlike my own. Because of that, I can still disagree with the choice they’ve made. I have a voice just like anyone else. I’m free to use it, but I want to do so with love.

While homosexuality seems to be the big-in-your-face subject right now, let’s not leave out the fact that the world wants to minimize any and all sin as sin. The Bible is mocked continuously as a book of fairy tales or outdated craziness. It’s not rare to hear someone bash God’s Word or His design for a Holy life.

By the way, WHO wants a Holy life anyway? Right?


This decision of a few lawyers is not the end of the world. A constitutional right is not the same thing as a Divine right. As usual, the fight isn’t really against flesh & blood anyway.


As a believer in Jesus Christ, I can’t help feeling frustrated by the arguing and finger-pointing. Sin carries in itself its own misery.

Who’s saying anything to the adulterer?

Who’s pointing at the thief?

Who’s jumping up and down at all the fatherless children?

Who’s ready to wage war for the L O S T ?

obey god

Enough is enough. Christians or anyone claiming to be so, stop screaming about all the hate.

This world is not our home. However, while we’re here…. we could do some good and love one another. We could stop shouting and listen with merciful hearts. (myself included) We could fight on our knees instead of on Facebook. We could lend a hand instead of pounding it on a table of self-righteous indignation (have I ever mentioned I AM A SINNER?). We could be salt & light (like we are supposed to be) instead of staunchy hard-nosed “Christians”. We can be Holy without being holier than thou.

Still, we can call sin…sin without being a hater.

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