No Soul

Home means a lot of things to different people. For me, home feels homey when real life is going on there. Family crammed in to overflowing, smells of favorite foods cooking and all the creature comforts that make you want to stay and take a nap.

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On our way home from downtown Indy this weekend, hubby and I passed by a favorite area of the city and noticed an OPEN HOUSE sign. Curious, we zipped into the driveway. The house looked like something you might dream of; fancy winding driveway, neatly manicured sprawling lawn, privacy hedge trees all around, classic design, large sized and maybe even a little elegant. We both weren’t prepared for the inside after imagining something totally different from the driveway view.

We stepped inside and my mouth dropped open. The outside did not match the inside. The foyer was all business, plain business. The modern lighting, weird designs and cold empty welcome felt blah. The realtor hosting gave us the run down on price, acreage, famous designer/architect/builder (didn’t hang on to the name for more reasons than price) and invited us to look around.

So, we did. We wandered through room to room, not really saying much. It was so disappointing. It had lovely and very expensive woodwork. The decor was too sterile. Every room felt like a medical office. Upstairs, downstairs and into the kitchen…so many let downs. I felt sad the whole tour. Who builds a 1.4 million dollar house and ruins all the beauty?

We walked outside on the back porch and I said, “This house seems so cold. Like no one has ever had any fun here!” and my hubby agreed and said, “It has no soul”. Have you ever gone somewhere and felt that? It’s strange. Home is so personal, it’s so inviting and alive. It oozes memories, reveals flaws and screams LIFE! For many of us, the messes bring embarrassment or shame. But I challenge you, to love your home and fill it with YOU.

People will know….your home has soul.

Home is where you love the people in your life. It’s where you hide when you’re hurting or sad. Home holds you together when you feel like falling apart. Home is where your kids are and where they’ll come back after they’ve moved on. It represents the life you’ve lived. It protects your stuff, your family and your heart. Home is special and when strangers walk in, they’ll know if they belong there or not. Home is a feeling that even a guest can feel.

Are you making home……home?

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