The Land of The Offended

I’m so sick of every little thing being offensive. What is this world coming to?

billy graham

We’ve accomplished so much….but we back up every time another cause is crusaded for that “offends” someone.

Are there folks simply claiming offense just because they can? I think so. Are there people blasting their poison minus a common filter of manners and respect? Uhm, YEA!

Every. Single. Day. I read or see another ridiculous offense bandwagon marching loudly down the avenue. The funny thing about it is that these offended parties are usually the ones who create the ugly in the situation.

offended 1

It’s disheartening.

Here’s an idea. If you’re offended, stop looking at or listening to or partaking in whatever it is that cranks up your offenderbender. Get away from it or them. Walk away. Hit the road. Leave Steve.

Like Kanye says, “I’m leaving America! Because it’s racist!”. Stop whining and go.

The latest issues for Americans to cry over just blow my old lady mind. And when I see CHRISTIANS posting junk about them, I just want to scream! Stop y’all, stop! Don’t fall into that game.

Just today, in my feed popped up a bigshot Christian author posting a photo of his daughter with a challenge to Donald Trump (as sarcasm for his offense at what The Donald said recently). Really? No, no dude. Just don’t. Your offense looks foolish. As a Christian, you need to reign that “funny” sarcasm back in. Your message….stinks.

Look, I’ll be honest. I get offended. I feel jabbed by comments, behaviors and actions that fall out of line with what I feel is Holy in God’s eyes. Am I always right? Probably not. Do I want to love without boundaries? Yes, even those who don’t see like me or feel like I do about the things that matter in this life. Each of us are created in the image of God (whether we believe it or live like it or try to strive to be the best at it) and for us to constantly be CRYING WOLF over every little thing is ignorant.

The world doesn’t rotate around one particular group of people. It rotates for all. Every one of us has a responsibility to be good humans. It’s probably a good practice to learn to overlook some things. But even more than that, it’s probably a good time to ask ourselves….

Is what I’m about to say hurtful or helpful? Saying something witty for laughs or likes isn’t always necessary. Use your filter and use your brain. Every foolish stance isn’t worth your two cents.

offended 2

Imagine a world, that thought through hateful and destructive words… Imagine a world that filtered offenses through the Word of God…
Imagine a world that loved like Christ…

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