Here’s A Tip

Like the atmosphere on the dance floor or skating rink when the music slows down for “couples only”….I thought I’d drop it down a notch today and post some crazy good deals & tips I’ve found recently.

Are ya ready?

Got wrinkly clothes? No problem. This handy steamer is on sale right now for $18.49 (in WHITE ONLY)


If you’ve never used one, you are in for a treat. Not to mention how spiffy you’ll look. Wrinkly clothes is just taboo.

Do you love Bath & Body Works? Me too. Right now they’re having a wild sale on a huge selection of their goodies. I spent a few bucks last weekend and all my bathrooms are outfitted for guests with delicious smelling products. 70% off is fantastic! So is smelling good.

stress relief

Through July 5th if you use the code YAYSALE you can get an additional $10 off of an order of $30 or $20 off of $50. You’re so lucky!

JC Penney is having their $10 off of $25 deal right now. You can use that to shop online too by using the code FIREWRKS. Go HERE and read more details.

If you love Vera Bradley, you are going to flip out over the great clearance sale going on right now. Deals as low as $1.99 and FREE SHIPPING (which never happens). You could clean house and stock up on several special gifts you might be needing to fulfill. Check THIS out.

vera dress

These sweet baby dresses with bloomers are on sale for $12.99 WHAT? Also, if you spend $35 you’ll get a sweet Vera Beach towel FREE!

Today only, Old Navy is having their 50% off Flag Swag sale. If your family loves to represent America in a comfy tee or tank, here’s your chance.

old navy flag

Want to know 7 careers that women are paid more than men? Not sure how truthful it is, but this article seemed interesting.

For all you corn shucking gals, here’s a few ideas for cutting the corn off the cob. If you’re like me….you make a mess. Maybe these tips will help keep corn where corn belongs!

I don’t know a single girl that doesn’t want to be BFF’s with Pioneer Woman. Ree Drummond you’re one of the rare popular girls that’s not only a sweet lady but a danged good cook! Here’s Ree’s list of what to make for 4th of July! You’re welcome.

Sheila Gregoire is one of my favorite Christian authors. She tells it like it is (on every topic). When I saw her post on GRIEF, I knew I had to share it. What wise words. Never tell anyone to get over it.

This post is for you.

I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but….I haven’t been inside of Target in months. Like a loooooot of months. I don’t even know why, I’m not mad at them or anything. Just bored maybe. If you’re looking for a really cute maxi dress for under $25, here’s your deal!

I might need to make a Target run now.

Want to impress EVERYONE ever with some sweet jam? If you have a brain and a few hands, you can make this freezer jam. It’s sooooooo good! Love her for sharing the how-to post.

I’ve been “working” on a few of my hubby’s costly Polo’s lately trying to get the grease stains out and this DIY stain removal post popped up at the right time. Hope you pick up a few new tricks too.

How’s that for slowing it down today and wracking up some deals? I’m getting in to the 4th of July spirit – how about you? Hope your weekend is safe and fun filled.

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