Pros & Cons of Spilling Coffee in Your Computer

Who am I kidding? Who finds the pros in such a disaster? Well, at this point….me. I have to do something or else I might jump from the roof with sadness.


It loves me. It hangs out with me, spends time with me (when everyone else in my life is B U S Y) and it never mentions anything about any of my faults. It’s a real friend.

PRO: I’m married to an IT genius. Really. He’s a master of all things techy. Hello? That’s how I live this life of luxury you’re all jealous of (ha) and if anybody can fix it, HE CAN!


PRO: My computer smells amazing! No kidding. Candy coffee smells like heaven so imagine pouring it all over your laptop in a sort of coffee candy bath. Mmmmm, sweet.

CON: My precious computer is full of coffee!!

PRO: My hubby has a positive attitude about it’s well being. Optimistic, even.

CON: I didn’t even have the chance to take a swig of my candy coffee. Try handling something straight out of a Friday the 13th movie scene without your coffee. No, I didn’t screech! I totally held it together!

PRO: My hubby IS HOME today, as in, he was NOT GONE TO THE OFFICE when all heck broke loose/the great coffee spill summer 2015! Rescue on target!

CON: I missed blogging and hanging out in front of Kathy Lee & Hoda because I carelessly spilled coffee in my computer.

PRO: If things don’t “work out” my hubby will do everything in his human man power to replace my laptop. He’s super like that.

CON: I don’t want to blow $$$ on replacing my not very old laptop because I’m an idiot!

PRO: My hubby isn’t even worried.

CON: That worries me.

PRO: I had a great 1 1/2 years with my sweet little precious laptop darlin!

CON: My hubby feels no heart string love for any computer. He sees them, buys them, works on them, hands them out, takes them apart and even has them stacked up in storage. He has learned to separate himself from such emotional connection. Whatevs!

PRO: He has a giant emotional connection to me and if I’m sad…..he’s on it!

CON: Lizzy can’t scroll through her Instagram pics anymore.

PRO: Lizzy is forgiving.

CON: Mistakes or accidents make me feel so foolish.

PRO: It’s just a computer. It is replaceable!

What lessons we learn after the fact, huh? I hate what I’ve done but it’s not the end of the world. I can’t tear myself up for a dumb mistake. I’m blessed that I have a hubby that went right to work on it and assured me all would be fine. And it it isn’t fine, I can get a new computer. Dang, he’s nice!

Happy 3rd of July!! Remember: if you or your family are celebrating with fireworks this year — BE SAFE!!! This is one of the busiest weekends for the E.R.

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