Celeb Fail


You know what I hate? I hate when some over-privileged person spouts off foolish garbage!

Such as:


Those are the words from famous, worth about 16 billion dollars pop-tart, Ariana Grande. She’s young, she’s famous and she thinks she can say whatever she wants and no one’s going to call her on it.

Wake up America, people who shout such words are not worth celebrating!

I’m almost positive that most of the jingle that’s all stacked up in her bank account, came from the very people who she screamed she hated after licking donuts that SHE DIDN’T BUY! Gross chick!

What kind of person acts like that?

I’ll tell you, too many who believe they are much better than anyone else that’s who. Our society has become a mecca of hateful venom spewing idiots. It’s nothing now to turn on the news and see free American citizens stomping on and burning the American flag. Or standing out in front of a business raising Cain about a cause they barely even know the truth of. This ugly side of Americans makes me sick. And even sicker when defenders throw up the old freedom of speech line.


We celebrate the freedom to say vile and disgusting things about the land we love and the people in it? Somehow, I feel the garbage slingers are twisting that freedom to a level that is bringing this country down. This great nation is becoming more and more of an embarrassment because of the few who believe it is their job to be as horrible as they possibly can be.

Shut it, people! Please!

Good news. I just read that Ariana has apologized. In her apology, she of course claimed to love America and then deflected her mistake onto an excuse. The excuse? Her words were taken out of context!

Oh boy.

Here we are with one more reason our country cannot get it right. Not owning our mistakes! Seriously. When you make a boo-boo, admit it! Admit you were wrong, don’t blame anything or anyone else. Own it! Regret it. Show sorrow and remorse.

Until that is done, nothing changes.

* I’m not going to link up to Ariana’s famous new video (or show her pic) of her licking the donuts or saying she hates America & Americans. You can see it for yourself if you just google it.

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