Old Feet

My feet are getting old. It’s true. I’m aging and so are my feet, legs, torso, skin, hair and brain. I can hide a lot of that stuff with clothes, flesh and hair-coloring but my feet? Not so much. They need fresh air here and there and wearing sandals and opened-toed shoes are my faves!


Recently, my girls and I were discussing pedicures. Last year (October 2014) was the very first time I had ever had one. (GASP! I know, I’m barbaric) For the most part, I rationalized NOT getting them because I loved painting and caring for my toes myself. Plus, I’m cheap. I love buying stuff and pedicures aren’t free. So, I avoided them and told myself they were NO BIG DEAL! I might have even harumphed at friends who bragged and flashed their pedi pics on social media. I don’t know, I hate me too.

I don’t mind spending my dollhairs on S H O E S though.

So, back to my conversation. The girls asked me if I had just given up doing my own pedi’s because I “seem” to be splurging rather regularly on getting them now. (Which, I don’t…it’s a here & there thing, really) My answer was it’s JUST EASIER!

nails baby

With age comes loss of certain abilities.

Bending my old lady body over to clip, clean, shape and then paint (I struggle with old lady eyes too) my toes, has become rather uncomfortable. I hate it! It pinches and I’ve lost my ability to keep it all clean and tidy. Think: Kindergartner painting toenails. Besides, who massages and pampers their own legs and feet? That’s not happening! Unless you let someone else do it.


There, we have the luxury of a pedicure. For approximately $30 or so and it lasts a few weeks (I usually get 2 really good weeks out of mine) it is worth it. I just paint my own in between pedi’s and live with the struggle of not getting pampered.

I’m not a Rockefeller!

Are you pampering your feet too?



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