Speak Up Speak Up

For every post that I publish that’s controversial….there will always be those who disagree.

That’s okay.

I don’t believe every human on the planet thinks exactly like me. (that could be good or bad, ya know?)

However, once again with a fourth sickening video (this one with very graphic footage of the dissected body parts of a baby on the table) I am propelled into shouting as loud as I can that PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS A VILE AND HORRIBLE FARCE of a business.

Oh and at the end of the video the “doctor” gleefully announces that the blob of cells/mass of goo or whatever the liberal left wants to smoosh in your face and mine – is A BOY!

Really? It’s a boy? It’s not a ball of cells? Or a mass of goo?



After my first post on Planned Parenthood, I received several private messages from women who could not conceive a child of their own. Their anguish reminded me just how important it is to keep on speaking the truth about abortion. There is a better choice. My prayer is that the woman who finds herself in this kind of desperation would choose life.


God can and will make something beautiful out of any mistake we might make here on earth. Trust me, I am a living example of that grace. Every single day, I do something that falls completely short of God’s expectations and HIS grace covers me.

I am unworthy but not to You! Thank you, Your everlasting love & mercy on me is unfathomable.

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