Buzz Off July

So long, July. You sucked. You managed to wipe out all the hopes I had of having a rockin’ summer.

I’m done with you. Bye, Felicia!

july hate

Yea, I’m feeling sorry for myself. That’s my attitude towards the year’s crummiest month. The one with no vacation, no celebrating the 4th or anything else all you other summer people celebrated. No dates, no dinners out, no drive-in movies, no zoo trips… hanging with friends, nada. Nothing. Instead it delivered endless car troubles, bad news from a struggling kid, too much hubby time (yea, that’s a real thing), tons of bored alone days, very little cash flow, coffee in my laptop that cost me $$ & time, my mom’s birthday and death anniversary and the worst experience with Nordstrom’s ever! Dang that anniversary sale & UPS!!

My fun-o-meter is stuck up on a shelf somewhere and there isn’t a chance in heck it’s coming down.

So, while I scroll through the lands of greatest torture (Facebook & Instagram) and see all the fun every other person on the earth is having this summer….. I confess – I’M BITTER!

Everyone knows, bitterness leads to anger. So, I’m angry that my summer is gone and I didn’t get to do anything fun that I’d hoped to do.


9 more days until school starts and I’m actually excited for it to arrive. I’ll finally have a reason to get “dressed” and talk to other people, the kind who can actually speak human words.


So, enough feeling sorry for myself. Time to move forward and take on the challenge of a new school year and all the dreams of a beautiful fall (my favorite season). And since the sun is still shining, I think I’ll go hang out by the pool while I still can because….it’s still summer a little bit, right?

Good luck to all my friends already back banging out the day at school. I hope your school year is the best ever!

Kiss off JULY!

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