I’d Rather Be …. For Real Shopping

I have reached the point of no turning back. I have to replace my car. Well, my hubby’s car that’s now my car – car. The old gal has to go!

It’s a bummer.


I love the car. It’s beautiful, it’s F A S T! It’s also got an issue or two that just aren’t worth fixing at this point. Good ole Dave Ramsey would shake his finger and remind me that the cheapest car you can own is the one you’re already driving.

Ahem! Thanks, Dave.


Trust me, I don’t want to take on a big car payment. Honestly, I’d rather do a lot of other things with my money right now.

Like, go to NYC and see the sights! Help kids through college!

Or, take a beach vacay and work on my tan! Pay down our bills!

And if I’m really being real……paint the inside of my house and organize all the rooms I hate.
Do repairs on our house, buy shoes, go out for dinner and stack up bucks in our savings!!

Why does it have to be so difficult? And expensive? If you haven’t car shopped in a while, let me fill you in. It’s highway robbery!

It’s not like I want a Ferrari! Or even a NEW CAR! I just need something NEW TO ME that’s affordable. I’ve beat the streets, the internet and even the local ads for a decent vehicle. All this shopping does is drag me down.

Truthfully, I’m over it. Only, I can’t totally get over it because I have to pick something out and start handing over my danged money. Like now. Because my car is d y i n g a slow/fast/scary death.

Where can I get my hands on a cool $55,000??

car shopping

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