The day I Turned to Ashes

It’s Monday, my car is still janked up (and I drove it to school this morning), the air is NOT WORKING in my classroom and I think I might just die from over-heating. It’s so hot my Tervis cup has sweated off 16 oz. of condensation.

MY hormones cannot keep up – so imagine how pleasant I’m feeling.

No one can prepare for this stage of life. It just happens and you have to try your best to live through it. I, being a woman of deep dramatic favor…have taken on a sort of Lordship over my physical & emotional well-being. In other words, I am going to buy my own fan and carry it with me everywhere I go. And…

NO, I’M NOT EMBARRASSED! Because, I want to live. It’s called survival, people!

Whoever said, “What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger” never felt the discomforts of getting old in a female body. This might be how I go out, y’all.


Happy Monday!!

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