Someone Else Has It Better

Everyone has “that” friend….

The one whose life looks perfect.


The reality is that no one is living the perfect life.

That doesn’t stop us (me, you and every other breathing human) from comparing or feeling envy when we see what looks like the perfect life displayed on social media.

Just the other day, I read a post from a friend that sparked a jealous streak in my heart. As I mulled over what she posted the rest of the day – I realized that I was being ridiculous.

I live a blessed life. I have more than enough to make me happy and complete as a woman. Yet, there I was feeling envious of my friend who probably had no idea I was coveting some of her success.


Why do we want the things we cannot have?

Maybe because we are miserable with our own circumstances or we’re just born jealous mongers. Either way, it’s not good for us (me) it’s a trap from the enemy that keeps us off our game and steals the gratitude that we should be feeling for the great life we (I) do have.


That’s my two-cents. I challenge you, if you’re the jealous type and find yourself snarking little digs at another persons good fortune….maybe you (and I) should practice a new habit.

Thanking God for the life He’s given us.

I’m embarrassed of my attitude towards those who I’ve felt jealous over. It’s not even warranted – when I live like I do. My life is beyond wonderful. Thank you for my great life. It’s just right for me.

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