Who Needs a Break?

Ever have one of those moments where you just cannot take another word from anyone? As in, no talking? Like, no more words? Not to hear or even overhear?

Yea, I’m having one right now.

I feel like my brain is so over-stimulated that it might explode. I don’t know why I’m buzzing like a bee with no stinger. I guess it’s just me. I’m complicated, even to the point of asking my loved ones to just be quiet for a minute so I can think. Or, not think.


I’m not mad at anyone, although…earlier in the evening, my hubby and I managed to get into a real smart squabble over nothing. We steadfastly stuck to our guns though and shot high and low at one another until we both felt so angry with ourselves that we ended it with ME CRYING!

Life is a challenge. Struggling is real. Everyone has a cross to bear. I’m feeling mine tonight.

Perhaps you are in the trenches of your own issues right now. It’s only fair of me to be honest with you and say, THIS TOO SHALL PASS. My life, your life….and everyone else walking this earth is battling something. What’s big and overwhelming in yours might seem small to someone else looking in. Either way, we’re all hustling along trying to make it.

Be brave enough to give yourself a break. No one has it all together and tomorrow is a brand new day.

fall breaking

Aren’t you glad? I sure am.


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