99 Problems

So, I read a super inspiring blog post over on another blog about how this lady and her husband lost 26 pounds by eating WHOLE 30.

Then, I made chocolate gravy and biscuits. And ate them!

I’ve really got 99 problems and eating junk food ain’t one of them. Or wait, is it? Because, I like bad food. I like white bread. I especially love it when it’s really soft and fresh.


So, shoot me. Or, call me fatty. I’m human and I was raised in the south where food was fried, piled and delicious. The problem now is that I’m “older” and everything, even stuff I just walk by goes straight to all my problem areas. Ahem, tummy!

Why can’t my body just be like it used to be? Skip a meal, drink water and pounds melt off. Those were the days!

I really think this Whole 30 thing could work for me. The trouble is that I feed other people and not everyone in my circle will eat the foods that I will. For every chubby woman on this earth who wants to lose a few, I feel ya. Girlfriends, we have a challenge don’t we?

New personal goal: Eat Whole foods, ditch the dairy & bread and exercise more (did I mention I’ve been to yoga? 3 times?).

yoga mama

Baby steps…

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