AUNT that something?


I’ve just returned from a great adventure. It was wonderful! I spent the whole week down in Georgia with my TWO FAVORITE AUNTS (and their hub’s – my uncles). Just us big people. Doing big people things.

It had been a long time coming. Many years, thousands of miles and busy family priorities kept us far far apart for way too long. No worries, we picked right up where we left off.

We did a lot of this –>

a pats rest

And way too much of that –>

a pat eat

This table stayed full of great meals. Cooking up love is a family trait.

We hit tons of great shopping spots. I especially liked the Mercier Apple Orchard in Blue Ridge Georgia. Worth standing in the line for a fried pie. Yum.

a pat apple

There were a “few” other fun stops.

a pat store

a pat wood

I came home with a cute new shirt, lots of jellies, some fudge and some delicious soup mixes….oh and a couple cheesecake mixes too. Darn diet! I loved hanging with my family. I would’ve been happy staying home doing nothing. Running the roads together was good fun too!

a pats back

I admit, their home inspired me to dream a lot of my own retirement days. They built this great house in the mountains (Blairsville) on a beautiful piece of land that they picked out a few years before they were ready to retire. I know why everyone wants to go visit them (aside from their fantastic hospitality) the whole place is perfect. Great views, terrific town and access to many more wonderful places. I loved the gorgeous Georgia weather.

I loved it all. But, I’m not going to lie….seeing two of the most important women ever to be a part of my life was the cherry on top of the whole trip. I feel blessed to call them MY AUNTS.

Thank you Aunt Pat & Uncle Earl for the great stay and visit in your special home. We enjoyed the whole week even the detective work we did online. Thank you.

Thank you Aunt Gail for all the talks, laughs and catching up. We didn’t run out of subjects and I can’t wait til we all meet up again! A cruise? A trip? A camp-out back in Georgia? I’ll be there!


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