I Love Today

i love today

I’m throwing back the biggest prescription of Prednisone because you know….I’m an invalid with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It’s no biggie, I just can’t take Ibuprofen and guess who couldn’t sleep last night because of killer leg pain all night and then a banging headache this morning?

Yea, Me!

Who cares? I’m in Grand Rapids Michigan and right down the road is a brand spankin new Tanger Outlet Mall that just opened it’s doors. I am pushing on through all the mad medical boohoo and shopping until the go home bell rings. See. I’m no quitter!

Wednesday’s hold hope, you know?

I have to tell you about my phone faux pas. I have the grand ability of making it do things when I’m not even using it, like…take photographs without actually planning to take photos. Yesterday on our drive north, I put my phone in the side door handle of the car and rode along (not knowing that I’d bumped the camera app) trying to give my hubby the cold shoulder because I was still ticked at him for being a man the day before and the LORD LET IT BE that several photos clicked away and revealed my crummy attitude. BUSTED!

There were no words being spoken, just silence. That’s part of my evil super power. Fail 🙁



wife 3


How about that? There were actually 15 of these embarrassing pictures. Talk about conviction!!? When I discovered my ugly heart frozen in time on my cell phone I almost cried. What in tarnation is wrong with my bratty heart?

Thank you for reminding me in the most disturbing of ways that my attitude towards my husband needs to be adjusted. Forgive me for trying my best to be as miserable as I possibly could in order to punish him.

Note: When you’re upset with someone, try to soften your heart and get over it. Or else you might find yourself in a photo album that you didn’t mean to pose for.

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