Caught Ya

Surely, by now….you’ve heard about the home surveillance video of the trick-or-treaters left to take a candy bar on the honor system.  

Bad idea, huh?


The honor system.  Hmm, perhaps it could work.


But, if you’ve watched the video….then you know what happened to the big fat full-sized candy bars left by the very thoughtful homeowners.

A mother came along and loaded her bags with all the candy (which looked to be many boxes of candy bars).  Boo hiss, right?

Major fail, mama.  Really, what a moment to remember forever in your child’s mind.  It’s not hard to figure out where society falls flat with the lack of integrity or even respect for police and government.


I’m not sure what this stealing mama thinks of her newfound fame all over YouTube and news stations but I’m betting she’s not ashamed.  It can’t be ignored that a person who steals would limit their wicked behaviors to just stealing.  Anyone who takes something that doesn’t belong to them will do pretty much anything else illegal or unethical.   It’s only a peek into the heart of a person’s scales of justice.

In the video, it appears hungry mama instructs the child with her to fill up his own bag.  Clearly, the child takes the opportunity to feed his own natural instinct of greed seeing that mama is doing the same.

Stealing is an act of greed.  No matter how big or small.  Anytime a person helps them self to an object that isn’t theirs…..they are ultimately saying that they deserve it and the person who owns it is just getting what they deserve.  It’s a heart issue, just like hating another person or killing someone.  The heart is depraved (yours and mine), without the saving power and grace of God we are destined to stay in our naturally wicked state. As is our society.

What does any of this matter?  I’m glad you asked.  If you’ve ever had something stolen from you then you know how it feels.  It’s violating.  Each of us have a responsibility to teach honesty in our own homes.  It’s up to us to instill integrity in our kids and grandkids.  They will do exactly as they see – so be diligent with your own honesty and character.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to get caught (on video or in person) with their hand in the candy jar.  

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