Carpal Tunnel Hand Don’t Jive

I officially feel as though I might die from hand wrist and finger pain.  Call me a baby, I DON”T CARE!

I said,  “I’m dying!”.


I can’t sleep, put on my makeup, hold a cup, wipe ANYTHING, wash my face or fight off badguys!  Life as I know it is dead to me.

I’m an invalid.  Put me out to pasture til I step on into glory.  I’m worthless.


I spent the morning calling every doctor, surgeon and office clerk that would listen to me.  No appointment available anywhere until November 16th and then I’ll need to have had an EMG to which I say OMG!

I’ll be dead by then because everybody knows Carpal Tunnel syndrome is fatal and I of course have the worst case in history of hurting hands.

Did I mention I can’t pick my nose?


And because my family likes food & stuff I’m subbing today….I’m holding this budget together with my left and only worthy hand!


Many would call me a martyr,  but let’s not go crazy.   I’m just a woman and women never give up.   We just power through.

Blame childbirth.

I hope your weekend is full of fun and pain-free body parts.  This might be our last goodbye.

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