Blowing Into the Windy City

This past weekend was a wild Chicago excursion for hubby and me. Don’t feel bad for us, we like to visit the big city known for shootings and homebase for the Obama’s. Neither of which affects us too much. We go for the great food, shopping and beautiful city walking. Besides, it’s around a 3 hour drive from our house and who wouldn’t want to walk with thousands of other touristy people down the Magnificent Mile? Stop, wait, go! Every single block and redlight.

I dig it.

chicago 2

How can you not love this city?

chicago 1

The weather was just right too.

chicago 6

We checked into our hotel that cost $300 dollars on Saturday (when we needed it) but dropped to $77 the next day when we didn’t need it anymore. So, crazy. Ahh, Chicago livin!

chicago view

chicago 5

Then, hit the streets!

chicago girl

Of course, had to stop by Nordy’s to see this cute kid. This is Colleen our daughter’s boyfriend (Bobby’s) sister. She works in handbags, the cheapos like Dooney & Kate Spade and the likes. I managed to get my hands on a sweet Louis Vuitton and my hubby WOULDN’T TAKE MY DANG PICTURE!!! He was a real stick in the mud! It may be the only one I ever get to touch for the rest of my live long life!


Here I am in my favorite role – lady who gets stopped by the psycho kiosk hustlers. I CANNOT GET BY THESE EVIL DOERS! This Russian wrinkle policeman stopped me and wiped his wicked wrinkle glue on my eyes because he thought I needed it to be beautiful. JERK.

chicago 3

This is the face he thought needed help. Thanks, sir. Bubble officially busted. I’m 49, man!

chicago 4

Besides, I had important places to be.

chicago f

You didn’t think…. I’d miss a chance at hitting the Frye store did you?

chicago frye

Mama likey.

chicagp frye 2

So, daddy boughty!

chicago 8

He knows how to make up for missing my Louis Vuitton moment, huh?

chicago 7

I woke up Sunday morning and got in a little reading in my fluffy robe from The Gwen Hotel. It was so cozy there I could’ve stayed another night. However, we were really there on a mission.

We had people to see (pick up).

chicago gparents

The train dumped them at Union Station and we zipped by and grabbed them up.

chicago g

Hubby’s parents traveled all the way from Washington state to Chicago just to visit us. We took them straight to a luxurious dinner at Stake-n-Shake! Haha.

So, here we are….grandparents visiting and ready for a few weeks of fun family time. Best reasons to visit Chicago, I think!

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