DIY Building Machine

My hubby…..that guy, he just goes and goes. I come up with ideas and he makes them all come true. Over the last few weeks he’s hammered out some really cool projects. I’ve painted, stained and turned some of his work into awesome pieces for our house.

He doesn’t know how to say no. LUCKY ME!!!

Pallet Bench


This bench is very similar to the one on my front porch. He had this wood hanging in the garage and whipped it up to take to my Aunt in Georgia. We painted it and stained it at midnight because WE ARE CRAZY!


bed table

table stand

This cute table sits in my sunroom. He made it months ago and I decided to jazz it up with paint and stain. Why I waited, I don’t know because I love the green and dark top. The unstained piece in the picture is a table he made for beside my bed. I stained it dark too. I love it.

My bed

my bed

I know I’ve bragged about it here before….but, I love it so much. It looks normal in the photo but it is massive. The design is called Gustavian, he freehanded it onto the wood and cut it into the shape with his fancy saw. I’m telling you, he doesn’t scare easily. If I can think it up – HE WILL TRY IT!

Here’s the base.

bed frame

It’s not a slide it around easy kind of bed. SOLID!

Bathroom cabinet

bath cab

When we moved in this house, the bathrooms had weird over-the-toilet stands that looked so junky. I hated them and kept dreaming of something really shabby or old looking to replace them. I saw this idea on a blog and that’s all it took to get one built for the main bathroom. He did the staining and sanding and painting after building on it for a few long weekends.

You might not be able to tell in the picture but he “BUILT” a toilet lid too. Yes, that is wood. That’s what happens when your son knocks the lid over and it cracks into a few hundred pieces. Can you believe that it costs $60 to just replace the stupid lid? Hello, wood lid.

Guest room bed


Again with the bed dreams. I told him we needed to jazz up the king sized bed in our guest room for his parents visit. He looked around the garage and came up with some wood ideas and took off building. I found the scrolled topper at Hobby Lobby. Since this room is going to be Don’s new office, we plan to sell the whole bed after our guests go back home.

So, see what’s been happening around my house?

We’re running our own DIY PINTEREST HOME STORE! Oh and good news — we are planning on building a few pallet benches and tables to sell for Christmas money this year. I can’t wait!

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