Not 7 Times

What is it about forgiveness that makes it so darned difficult?

forgive forgive

What if the person who hurt you isn’t even sorry?


Or what if your heart is so clogged up with all the hurt that you can’t see past the pain?

forgive it

I know all about forgiveness. I’ve been a follower of Jesus Christ long enough to experience granting it, getting it and feeling the sweet release of it’s wicked hold on my heart plenty of times. The honest truth is that there are issues that sneak back up and bang you over the head. Things that rob you of forgetting a wrong and rubbing all the hurt back in your face. What can you do?

forgive her

I don’t want to feel the misery that NOT forgiving others promises. It’s ugly. It pokes you when you least expect it and it festers if it’s not dealt with quickly.


My heart, your heart….. NEEDS the release that forgiveness holds.

Who needs your forgiveness today? Remember, forgiving them doesn’t excuse them. But, it does excuse you from the bitterness and broken heart.

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