Made in 1966

birthday boy

It’s hard to post a picture of my hubby that shows him posing and smiling. Just scroll through any of my photos and you’ll see, he’s always doing something in my pictures. He’s either building something, fixing something or doing something in every shot. You’d think the guy never sits down.

On this day 49 long years ago, God gave a lumpy headed baby boy to a couple who had no idea just how special he would be to so many. I’d like to be first in line to say that because of him, my life has been full of love, foot rubs and never having to drive at night. Every day for the last 26+ years….he has tried to make all my dreams come true. But, I’m not the only person in his world that loves and adores him. To know my hubby, is to love him.


I’m thankful God made you all those years ago. Now, hurry home and let’s celebrate that big birthday!


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