Do Good

do good

I’m busy getting ready for a big visit from my in-laws. It’s their first time to our new house in a new town and I want it to be special. That means a lot of “honey do” lists going on and tons of rearranging this & that.

Want to know how to find out if you have too much excess junk?

Invite loved ones to visit. You’ll suddenly see clearly all the ridiculous stuff you’ve been hoarding and want to pitch it all to Goodwill.

The truth is that I’m really excited that they’re coming. The visit is long over-due and all because of them, I’m finally getting the catch-all room cleaned up and organized. It’s been a thorn in my side for the “almost” two years we’ve lived here. Yippee!

small victory

So, counting down the days…and checking off the jobs! Yeehaw!

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