Don’t Call IT What IT IS

Here we are again. Every station on tv running a constant stream of WE CAN’T SAY IT’S TERRORISM reels. But, every single thing we’ve learned about these scumbags (and YES, THEY ARE SCUM BAGS!!!) points directly to them being radical Muslim Jihadist’s.

sayed killer

Oh, but look. He was an American born citizen, just a happy guy wearing a GoPro (rumor, not proven) out on a little people eradicating excursion by way of a work Christmas party. His sweet and gentle online bride (and mommy to a 6 month old baby) drove the getaway car and geared up to kill alongside Mr. Nice Guy. You know, just a couple of mild-mannered “little god” loving Muslims.

No biggie.

But, hey! Let’s get extra busy and demand all gun owning Americans TURN IN THEIR WEAPONS! Because, that’s the way to stop this kind of craptastic garbage from occurring. It’s all YOU gun owners! It’s YOUR FAULT! If you would stop insisting that you possess the right to freely own all these dangerous guns then our country would NOT have to witness these kinds of tragedies.

For the sake of all the victims both dead and alive, tell them who’s at fault for their attack. Tell their families. And, be ready. This act of violence is coming soon to a church, a mall, a party near you.

But, don’t call it what it really is — RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISM. Make stuff up and blame guns. If you dare.

Help us. We cannot seem to see the forest for the trees. Protect us from our own ignorance. Show us how to live in this world that is NOT our home.

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