Mama Has T-Rex Arms

Once again, I languish in the world of something hurting. No way, right? Yep, I’m on a slippery slope onto glory with yet again, another ailment. I’m only 49 for heaven’s sake!

No longer am I asking, What else? Oh no, no no no!

I woke up on Friday morning with an “achy” arm and shoulder (the right side). I held it, caressed it, babied it…whined about it and ultimately lived with it all day long. By bedtime, the pain cranked up to a rocking 10 and within hours of finally closing my eyes – I awoke to NO GOING BACK pain and misery. That was how the rest of Friday night/Saturday morning went. There was no laying down with that arm & shoulder, oh no…it would not allow it. So, I resorted to sitting in a big comfy recliner in my den while my hubby snored away in our room (queenies happy place) like a baby man.

He did give me drugs and check on me. I’ll give him that. He couldn’t do much else. It was my pain, not his.

Now, because I don’t want to leave anyone out of the loop. Let me describe what I mean by pain. You know how you can use your arms to do stuff? Like wave at a friend passing by? Yea, I can’t do that. Or reach up and scratch your nose? Oh no, no way is that happening! Or pull up your underwear? NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! Even better, drying off after getting out of the shower or putting on a danged bra? It ain’t happening! Not without some sort of assistance.

What’s wrong? Who knows!

So, after the night from heck….I pushed on and took every single pain pill and Nsaids I could find all while sitting strategically with a heating pad. Nothing made it stop. All I wanted to do was move my arm and be normal. Hubby kept asking me what I had done? Really? What had I done? Nothing, I went to bed Thursday night and woke up half dead on Friday morning. It just steamrolled into a nightmare of pain. Whatever, old lady body.

By bedtime on Saturday night, little twinges of the same sort of ache began on my LEFT SIDE! On my left side! Did you hear me? There began the repeat of the right side and not only did it hit me but it hit harder and locked down any breakdancing plans I had for Sunday. It hurt and ached just as wickedly as the right side.

Have you ever seen anyone who can’t move their arms?

arm power

Try living in the human world with only the movement capability of a T-Rex. Not joking. I cannot move my normal human arms forward, upward or backwards. Guess what you need to be able to do?


I don’t even know where to go or who to see about this. Do I go back to my doctor who checked me out and put me on a dose of prednisone (for the carpal tunnel) and pretty much said I have to live with it? Do I seek out a happy-dancing Chiropractor who will squee when he sees I’m in this much pain and see dollah dollah dollah signs in my eyes with promises to FIX ME?

Do I just call a zoo and volunteer to work with movie directors who plan to shoot any dinosaur movies? Because, experience?

In the meantime, I await the next body shutdown syndrome heading my way. I mean, what’s next? Both legs quit working?

Getting old hurts!


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