My Mistake

I don’t know what kind of mistakes you’ve made in your life but I do know you’ve made some. You, me, her….him, them, everybody. Mistakes are how we learn and grow. Some mistakes are big giant in-your-face goofs like last night’s Miss Universe pageant. Poor Steve Harvey! He really messed up.


Not all mistakes are plastered up on billboards for the world to see. I don’t think it’s fair to say which is worse either. I know a lot of regretful people living with some secret mistakes that hurt just as deeply as the person whose error the whole world can see. One misstep can change the course of a person’s life forever.


I’m here to tell you that making a mistake is human nature. You’re never going to get out of this world without making at least a few. But, you don’t have to grovel in a world of loserdom (I made that up). Don’t stay boxed in by your choices. Set your heart and mind to doing things the right way.

clean it

My gut tells me that your mistakes are no worse than mine or anyone else’s. So, wherever you are today….just remember, your mistakes don’t define you. What you do with your mistakes does.

define me

Now, put down that Christmas crack and eat a salad! 🙂
Just kidding. Do what you want. It’s Christmas!

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